Earldom® Bluetooth v5.0 to aux 3.5mm jack audio receiver- Black

Bluetooth Receiver

Connects via a 3.5mm jack to your car’s/house audio system, which has an AUX input.

Compatible with all devices that have AUX input (Headphones, Speakers, etc.)

Supports A2DP

Working distance – 10m

Built-in lithium-ion battery

Color – Black


Availability: Only 1 left in stock

This widely compatible portable Bluetooth 5.0 receiver is your perfect solution for creating a wireless hands-free communication device within your vehicle. Providing an aux port is present it can be used on any audio devices both within car and within your home or office. You can use it to convert a wired speaker interface to a wireless one in an instant. Within your car you have a one click call answering solution at the touch of a button.

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