Earldom® Lightning + 3.5mm-Music & Charging 60Watt- Black

Earldom Et-ot52 2-in-1 Lightning Adapter To Lightning Charger and 3.5 jack

Suitable for everyday use, extremely durable. Specially designed for durability, wear-resistant material. 12000+ bend tests.

Supports fast charging and simultaneous charging and data transmission. Works flawlessly with any lightning port-enabled devices. Safe & reliable to use with your lightning port-enabled devices.

It can charge and sync simultaneously at a rapid speed, compatible with any charging adaptor, multi-port charging station or power bank ,for fast charging ,fast adapter is must


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  • Lets you connect to your computer’s usb port for syncing and charging.
  • High quality material ensures durability and longevity.
  • Perfect size to use in your car, office or at home.
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