#131#Hoco x50

• Hoco® X50 USB-C to USB-C Cable 100W 2 Meters- Black

About this item

  • High quality nylon braided cable
  • Has power delivery
  • Fast Charging tot 100 Watt / 20V / 5 Ampere
  • USB-C to USB-C
  • Data transfer of 5 Gb/s


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Product description

NOTE: This is a cable with two USB-C connections. So it cannot be used in a normal USB port! This 2 meter long charging/data cable from Hoco has USB-C connectors at both ends. Use this data cable to synchronize your USB-C devices with your computer, or to charge. Simply connect the USB-C charging cable to, for example, a compatible USB-C adapter to charge your smartphone via a wall socket. Extra sturdy This USB-C to USB-C Cable is extra sturdy due to the nylon braided design. In addition, this braided texture makes the cable less likely to get tangled, which can prevent a lot of frustration and damage. Fast Charge and Power Delivery The cable has fast charge technology and can handle charging speeds of up to 100 Watts.

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