CSL® CAT 8.1 Network Cable 40 Gbits (2M) Cotton Jacket- Black Series

About this item

  • Cat 8.1 network cable with high performance and cool look. The cable and connector are black throughout. Just right for the gaming PC and the console. It allows an impressive speed of up to 40 Gbps. Ideal for 10/100/1000/10000/25000/40000 MBit Ethernet networks.
  • Construction: double shielding over everything as well as twisted and shielded wires with high quality copper inner conductors. Compatible with all devices with RJ45 network connection and backwards compatible with other CAT variants, e.g. Cat.5 / Cat.5e / Cat.6 / Cat.6a.
  • The RJ-45 connectors form a continuous shielded unit. Equipped with kink protection, strain relief and locking lever. A cotton jacket protects the cable from abrasion and knots.
  • The CAT 8.1 standard calculates the crosstalk that an RJ45 connector generates by means of the receiver. In this way, the CAT 8.1 standard with the RJ45 connector achieves a higher transfer speed than Cat 5 and 6.
  • Ideal for PC, notebook, laptop, TV, game consoles such as Playstation PS4 and PS5 or even Xbox Series S and X, PC, Nas devices, Wii, routers, network cameras, network printers, servers, smart TV, media players, surround amplifiers, internet radios and much more.


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Color: Black

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