Earldom® Lightning To OTG Charging Adapter Dual USB- White

Product details:

  • OTG Cable For iPhone, iPad
  • Earldom OTG Support to attach peripherals to iPhone, iPad such as: USB Drive, Keyboard, Memory Card Reader, USB Hub Built-in 2 more USB ports and 1 convenient lightning charging port Just Plug and play without installing additional software. ‘
  • Supported OS iOs 9.2-15 or More User Manual: – For USB, Memory Card Reader after plugging in iPhone. iPad, you access the file on your device to access content on USB, Memory Card.
  • For the keyboard you just plug and play. Note: This adapter may not support devices with USB ports on 100mA high current, please check the devices before plugging in.
  • Supported with iOS / iPAD OS Files


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Color: White

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