Earldom® Mini OTG Lightning To Female USB 3.0- Silver


Earldom OT65 is  used for peripherals such as USB, Mouse, Keyboard, Memory Card Reader, … for Iphone, iPad lightning port

Compatible with tasks:

       + Read memory cards and usb, copy data, photos.

       + Connect with mouse, keyboard wirelessly and wired.

       + Connect as OTG for music equipment, audio decoder DAC

+ Earldom OT65 supports Iphone with iOs 9.2 and above.

+ Earldom OT65  can be easily connected and used quickly.

+ Earldom OT65  is not fussy about the device, very high compatibility, smooth use.

Supported with iOS / iPAD OS Files


Availability: In stock

Package Include:

1x OTG Lightning to USB 3.0

Color: Silver

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