Ugreen® OTG adapter micro USB to USB 2.0- White

Ugreen adapter micro USB adapter – USB 2.0 OTG white (US195)

MicroUSB adapter – USB OTG
The Micro USB to USB 2.0 adapter adds a standard USB 2.0 port to your phone / tablet with micro USB OTG support and allows you to play games using wired or wireless Xbox One and PS4 controllers, among other things. It allows you to backup files to an external flash drive, access photos / videos stored on the camera without removing SD cards. Work and play more comfortably and effectively.

480Mbps speed
Equipped with standard USB connections, the USB 2.0 OTG adapter supports data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps. Save a lot of time and don’t wait!

Compact dimension
The USB OTG adapter is slim and miniature, making it perfect even on the go. It is the perfect choice whether you are at home, on a trip or in the office.

Plug & play
No time-consuming installation of drivers or software. Without overloading your equipment with additional applications.


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