Earldom® Bicycle Motorcycle Phone Holder 360° Rotatable Adjustable- Black


Earldom EH84 Phone Clip on Bicycle

You are looking for a product to support while cycling while using the phone. Today, Earldom Vietnam would like to introduce to the users of Earldom EH – 84 Bicycle Phone Clip
Sturdy design is easy to use on a bike, can be rotated 360 ° depending on user needs, suitable for all current smartphones on the market.
With this product, you can use GPS global positioning or look up the map on your phone right in front of your eyes, extremely convenient.
Especially, the product has a rubber part that fits close to the phone, when you move in complicated and rugged terrain, do not worry about splashing out.

– Universal 360 Degree Rotation.
– Universal Motorcycle and Bicycle Holder.
– Quadrangular silicone protection.



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