Hoco CA76

Hoco® Touareg premium modern windshield car holder- Black

Hoco CA76  is a modern car holder equipped with an extendable, telescopic arm , which, together with other adjustment options (including the possibility of rotation by 360 degrees ), will allow you to perfectly match it to your preferences. Made of high-quality materials, extremely durable materials ( ABS + silicone ), this accessory is designed to be mounted on the windshield or the dashboard of the car. Exactly where you feel comfortable.

The gadget has silicone overlays on the inside of the jaws and a strong suction cup that guarantees the stability of the equipment. In addition, a special button allows the handle to be automatically latched, which in turn will facilitate its operation with one hand.

CA76 Touareg in-car phone holder for car dashboard, for 4.5-6.5 inches mobile phones


1. Material: ABS + PC.
2. Surface: texturing.
3. Sizes: 155*103*125mm.
4. Weight: 168g.
5. Suitable for 4.5-6.5 inches mobile phones, clamp range: 55-85mm.
6. Applicable scenarios: in-car dashboard, windshield (stretch type, snap type).


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