#234#APRO 5 Plus

Pavaeal® APro 5 Plus Wireless Bluetooth v5.3 Earbuds Wireless Charging- White

Basic features:

  • Brand: Pavareal
  • Model: APRO 5 Plus
  • Range: up to 10m
  • battery life: up to 8h (depends on usage conditions)
  • Charging port: lightning
  • Power: DC 5V/ 300mhA
  • Charging time: 1h
  • Battery of each handset: 45mhA
  • Charging case battery: 300mhA
  • Wireless Charging


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Wireless Bluetooth Headphones PAVAREAL APro 5 Plus earbuds white

Ideal companion for your mobile phone or any audio/video device with bluetooth. Instant connection, no annoying disconnect. Delightful sound for music and with quite strong bass. You won’t be able to part with them!

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