Remax Proda® PD-BT888 True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds- White

PRODA Headset PD-BT888 True Wireless


PRODA PD-BT888 True Wireless headphones  are a sub-brand of Remax with a unique design in the form of earbuds that provide a comfortable, comfortable experience for a long time.

✔ Equipped with bluetooth 5.0 connection, fast and stable connection

✔ Display Pop-Up requires connection to Iphone

✔ Use squeeze to control: Receive calls, stop playing music, change songs, reverse songs.

3.5 hour battery life

✔ Charging box with 300mA battery capacity brings about 4-5 times of charging for the headset

✔ Use lightning charging pins

✔ Driver 13mm moving coil

✔ Frequency 20-20kHz

✔ Impedance 32Ω

✔ Weight 46g

✔ Charging box size 54*46*21mm


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The  PRODA PD-BT888 True Wireless headset  on its own is a very unique design thanks to the ownership of the earbuds design that provides an extremely comfortable wearing feeling for a very long time, this is it. The products give users a great design for users who cannot use the inear form because the inear ear will have a rubber stopper inserted deep into the user’s ear canal, which will bring pain. and discomfort, pain and pain in the user’s ear canal during use, so choosing earbuds is a great plus.

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